February 9, 2016

Clarke Announces Kitchen Design Trends from Sub-Zero & Wolf Design Contest Winners

When Sub-Zero and Wolf polled the 53 regional design contest winners (including New England’s David Hacin, Rosemary Porto and Heather Kahler) in the 2015 Kitchen Design Contest, a list of trends started to emerge.

It’s not often you get to hear the feedback from such an esteemed group of architects and designers, so we thought you would enjoy combing through their trend-setting observations.

The Most Popular Style in Kitchen Design Today?

While there is a growing interest across the country in the modern aesthetic, the most popular and widely categorized style of kitchen today is transitional.

Here are 13 more observations from the country’s top kitchen designers…

1. Seven of 10 designers say the open floor plan is still in demand.

2. 72% of designers agree the formal dining room is phasing out (almost half of their clients are asking to have it removed).

3. White is still the most popular color in the kitchen, followed by accent colors gray, blue and black.

4. The hottest appliances are the convection steam oven and induction cooktop.

5. Microwaves continue to lose popularity among designers and their clients.

6. Integrated appliances are in demand, with more panels and panel overlays being used.

7. Wood is the No. 1 material of choice, followed by quartz and stainless steel.

8. 82 percent of design pros says the kitchen island is a must-have, and most say a recycling center is important as well.

9. Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular.

10. More clients are incorporating the needs of children as their interest in cooking increases.

11. Aging Americans are looking for “cleaner” designs to showcase their best pieces when downsizing (or right-sizing) from home to condo.

12. Organic design is increasing in popularity, particularly salvaged woods and recycled materials.

13. Vertical gardens are practical for those with limited outdoor space.

You can actually explore almost every one of these trends with a visit to a Clarke showroom and test kitchen in Massachusetts or Connecticut.