April 12, 2023

A Wolf Cooktop Can Enhance Your Kitchen in Many Ways

A Wolf Cooktop is designed to provide superior cooking performance in gas, electric and induction versions.

Wolf Cooktops and wall ovens can be the perfect solution for the homeowner who is looking for the flexibility of designing multiple modes of cooking into a kitchen. In fact, a design that employs a cooktop and wall ovens can provide control and confidence for every cook. Wolf Cooktops are available in gas, induction or electric and provide unrivaled power, precision and proven performance. When these extraordinary cooking surfaces are paired with Wolf’s various wall oven technologies, the combination takes your kitchen to a new level.

Combine the furniture look of the cabinetry with the power of the gas burners above with Wolf.

What’s the Difference Between a Wolf Cooktop and Rangetop?

A Wolf Cooktop drops into your countertop with the controls either in the cooking surface or (in the case of the contemporary gas cooktop) adjacent to it on a panel on the countertop.  Wolf Rangetops are available in gas only and slide into your cabinet and countertop area with the iconic Wolf  knobs facing front to mimic the look of the top of a Wolf range. Induction or electric cooktops provide a seamless, sleek look in your kitchen, while the Wolf gas cooktop or rangetop maintain the more traditional look many have come to enjoy from Wolf. While Wolf is known by its iconic red knobs, they aren’t for everyone. Wolf now offers knobs in black, red or brushed stainless, as well as brushed brass and brushed grey, allowing them to look at home in any kitchen.

Some may ask, “If I want the look of a Wolf Gas Range, why would I buy the Wolf Rangetop instead?” The answer is quite simple. With a Wolf Rangetop, as with the Range, you have the flexibility of configuring the cooking surface with an optional charbroiler, griddle or wok burner and maintain the “commercial” look many want for their kitchens. However, both Wolf Rangetops and Cooktops provide a unique opportunity to place your ovens in a separate configuration anywhere in your kitchen. This both opens design opportunities and allows you to employ the finesse of the Wolf oven technologies not available in a range. By separating the cooktop surface from the ovens, you unlock the possibility to create custom cooking experiences through Wolf’s Convection Ovens, Convection Steam Ovens,  Speed Oven or Microwaves. This combination of cooking technologies will reveal a new level of convenience and enjoyment that truly transforms life for many home cooks.

A Wolf Gas Cooktop adjacent to Wolf double ovens offers the best of both worlds in this modern kitchen. 

The Wolf Gas Cooktop

The Wolf Gas Cooktop is available in a variety of sizes from a 15” two-burner model to a 36” five-burner model. Depending on your choice of styling (professional, transitional or contemporary), you will find options for 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-burner gas cooktops. Dual-stacked, sealed gas burners on all models provide precise high heat for fast boils and quick sears, and whispery low flames for delicate simmers and silky sauces. You will find the very same performance in these cooktops as you enjoy in a full-scale Wolf range.

A Wolf Electric 36” Cooktop offers a sleek look with seamless temperature adjustments.

The Wolf Electric Cooktop

For those who prefer a sleek, exceptionally easy-to-clean cooking surface, Wolf provides an electric cooktop. Seamless temperature adjustments and a one-touch melt setting are among the convenient features on the Wolf Electric Cooktop. This technology is available in 15”, 30” and 36” widths.

Sleek, easy to clean and offers the most energy-efficient way to cook…that’s induction cooking.

 The Wolf Induction Cooktop – Today’s Most Efficient Option

If you are looking for the latest proven technology, Wolf’s Induction Cooktop is perfect. This seamless cooking surface appears to meld into your countertop while providing the most efficient heat delivery system available. By supplying heat directly to the cookware, induction offers precise control and stunning temperature response. Go from a simmer to a boil almost instantaneously and access every temperature in between with an easy-to-use touch control on the surface. The slick, easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant glass surface blends into any kitchen design. What’s more, this advanced cooktop also automatically turns off when not in use, making the kitchen safer for both children and elderly homeowners. This unique Wolf Cooktop is available in 15”, 24” 30” and 36” widths.

A Wolf Cooktop Module can be designed alongside other 15” modules such as a steamer, fryer, grill or multi-function burner.

Wolf Cooktop Modules

Can’t decide which cooking functions you want in your new kitchen? You can take your customization to a whole new level with Wolf Cooking Modules, which allow you to create a countertop array of 15” modules to provide specific cooking technologies. In this case, your 15” Wolf Gas or Induction Cooktop will be framed in stainless steel to work in concert with your 15” Steamer, Fryer, Grill or other modules.

A Wolf Induction Cooktop is the most demonstrated appliance in Clarke’s Boston Showroom, surprising homeowners with its instant boil and rapid response to the touch of a control.

Test Drive Wolf Cooktops at a Clarke Showroom

 With so many options, how do you choose? As kitchen technology becomes more exciting, it can also feel daunting to select the right appliances for your lifestyle. That’s where Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen comes in. At Clarke, you’ll meet experts who are meticulously trained in these technologies. These Clarke Consultants are not kitchen designers, however they are the people that designers rely on for appliance recommendations. When you schedule an appointment at Clarke, you will enjoy exploring more than a dozen full-scale kitchens designed by the region’s top designers. This is a wonderful way to imagine how this technology will look and perform in your home. Your Clarke Consultant will answer all your questions and, if you would like to discuss purchasing Sub-Zero, Wolf or Cove appliances, they will refer you to a trusted retail dealer near you and brief them on what you saw and discussed during your showroom tour. More than 75% of Clarke visitors report that the consultants’ knowledge is the top reason to visit. You will learn more in just one hour at Clarke than in months of your own research. Schedule an appointment today and learn more about Wolf Cooktops.