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The Secret to Laundering Baby’s Heirloom Sweater

The Secret to Laundering Baby’s Heirloom Sweater

By Sandy Lashway

Did you know that more than 10,000 babies are born every day in the United States? And it’s estimated that parents of newborns go through two loads of laundry every day just for the new little family member. During the first three months of a baby’s life, burp cloths and onesies alone keep your washer and dryer moving constantly. Then there are the specialty items that are treasured keepsakes. Grandmothers and Aunties love to knit those little heirloom sweaters, but what happens when they are worn? How do you clean them without harming their delicate design? You really don’t need to worry about laundering them when you own an ASKO washer and dryer.

A hand wash program is just one of the many of the features included in the ASKO washing machine. ASKO is actually a fabric care system. The washer has a cold water hook up, allowing the water to be heated to a temperature that is safe for your fabric and then a spin speed that extracts just the right amount of water out of your clothing without damaging those delicate fibers.

ASKO also has the ability to add an extra rinse – to the already five rinses – to ensure that no residual traces of soap remain in the clothing, keeping the garments from irritating delicate baby (or adult) skin. Your ASKO dryer continues to offer superior fabric care with butterfly drying, preventing the bunching of clothes and a SensiDry™ feature that stops the cycle just in time, to prevent over-drying.

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Sandy Lashway not only perfectly launders
her granddaughter’s heirloom sweaters,
she hand-knit this one!