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Goat Cheese Gnocchi

These rustic goat cheese gnocchi are easy to make with every day ingredients, and is guaranteed to please any crowd. Help keep your house cool Read More

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Strawberry and rhubarb are summer’s best friends. These two fruits baked together with a generous oat topping will have people in awe. And to top Read More

Raspberry Almond Bars

Add these delectable fruit-and-nut bars to your teatime cookie tray. This recipe comes together quickly with just a few short ingredients. Serving Size: 9-12 each Read More

Artisan White Bread

This incredible, crusty artisan bread will have a first-time baker look like a professional. Using the Auto Steam Bake mode on the convection steam oven Read More

Mexican Street Corn

Without question this will be your favorite way to eat corn! This Mexican Street corn is a delicious and simple recipe that you will enjoy Read More

English Muffins

Unlike other muffins, English muffins are yeast-risen and are griddled instead of baked. Use your Wolf Griddle to make these fresh English muffins for the Read More

Grilled Peaches

Summer is here, and you know what that means?… PEACHES! These grilled peaches are great on salads or even better yet, with a big scoop Read More

Patriots Salad

Ingredients Spring Salad Mix                               4 Cups Baby Arugula                                     2 Cups Crumbled Goat Cheese                 ¼ Cup Pitted Cherries                                  1 Cup Blueberries                                         ½ Cups Hazelnuts                                            ½ Cup Read More

Green Bean Mushroom Tart

Ingredients: Frozen Puff Pastry           1 sheet Butter                                   3 Tbs Bleu Cheese                       ¼ cup Green Beans                      ¼ lb Large White Onion          1 each Garlic                                     1 clove Read More