Clarke is a Net Zero Company!

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At Clarke, living green is a priority. Assisting our clients in living in an environmentally responsible way is a commitment we make with every transaction, doing our part to end climate change. See how we can support green endeavors in your business!

Solar Panel Prowess

At Clarke, we don’t rely on traditional power sources. Instead, we harness the power of the sun. Clarke generates enough solar power from 2,304 rooftop solar panels to power its entire Milford showroom, office, and warehouse facility.

Power Savings

Clarke’s solar energy project resulted in Net Zero electrical energy consumption, avoiding emissions equivalent to 35,052 gallons of gas per year, or the electricity used by almost 38 American homes. We are dedicated to furthering this mission to cut power usage throughout Boston to do our part for the environment.

Sub-Zero Partnership

Practicing what we preach is a big part of how we do business. We represent Sub-Zero appliances, a company ranking sixth in the Top 10 Green Brands, according to more than 3,000 consumers in the ImagePower Green Brands Survey. With our representation, we are also able to promote our green ideas to our clients.

Recycled Resources

At Clarke, we don’t waste time and money on new materials. For example, up to 50% of the plastic used in our refrigerators is derived from recycled material.

Energy-Efficient Sales

We don’t offer just anything to our customers. Instead, everything we provide is Energy Star rated or considered energy efficient for minimized electricity use and substantial energy savings. We distribute 19 Sub-Zero models that are Energy Star rated and four categories of Wolf appliances that are rated energy efficient.

Water Savings

The manufacturing process relies on more water than the average consumer realizes. At Clarke, we do things differently. Wastewater is not produced in the manufacturing process for either Sub-Zero or Wolf products.

Products Made At Home

Instead of outsourcing our materials, we do things at home. All Sub-Zero and Wolf facilities are 100% manufactured in America and comply with all EPA and state air emission standards.

Swan-Labeled Projects

ASKO introduced the world’s first Swan-labelled washing machine and dishwasher, the most well-known Nordic Ecolabel.

Superior Manufacturing

ASKO factories have ISO 14001 certifications, showing a superior level of environmental consideration in all processes.

Energy Savings Made Easy

Energy use matters to us. All ASKO washers and dishwashers are Energy Star rated.

Start Your Journey With Us Today!

If you want to do your part for the environment, Clarke is the best possible resource. From energy savings onsite to green objectives in our products, we are committed to making eco-conscious decisions with every step we take. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for the environment—and you!

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