ASKO Appliances: Dishwashers & Laundry

Learn all you need to know about ASKO dishwashers and laundry equipment.

Visit one of Clarke’s kitchen and appliance showrooms in Milford and Boston, MA and Norwalk, CT to try out ASKO dishwashers and laundry equipment for yourself. Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your kitchen or laundry room, you’ll find all the design inspiration you need as you try out ASKO’s dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Our showroom consultants will work with you to find the perfect appliances to suit your needs and fit with your home’s overall aesthetic.

ASKO offers a full line of high-performance dishwasher, washers and dryers. ASKO appliances do a better job of cleaning, using only a fraction of the water, electricity and detergent of ordinary machines. Each component of ASKO’s kitchen and laundry appliances is constructed of steel rather than plastic wherever possible, and every product is built with Scandinavian quality and environmental sensitivity. In short, ASKO appliances are some of the best-performing, most environmentally-friendly, longest-lasting appliances on the planet, made especially for those who appreciate the difference.

Test ASKO’s Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Dryers at Clarke in Milford or Boston, MA & Norwalk, CT

To learn more about these extraordinary appliances and take a test drive for yourself before purchasing, visit a Clarke Showroom in Boston, MA, Milford, MA or Norwalk, CT. Located just a short drive from many of New England’s largest cities, our showrooms allow homeowners and interior designers to see and test ASKO appliances in order to choose the best one for their new kitchen or laundry room.

Once you’re ready to buy, our showroom consultants will refer you to ASKO dealers in your area. This means that when you visit us, you’ll feel no pressure to buy – just try out the appliances you’re interested in to see which one best suits you.

Make an appointment today to visit a Clarke Showroom in Boston or Milford, Massachusetts or Norwalk, Connecticut. Simply call 800-842-5275 to schedule an appointment, or stop by during our showroom hours to browse our appliances and find kitchen design inspiration.