Today’s ASKO Washers Explained

Today’s ASKO Washers Explained

ASKO Washers are known as the ultimate laundry tools and there’s just one place that can help you understand everything there is to know about ASKO, including which model is right for you. That place is Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove – and ASKO – showrooms, where you’ll see these washer and dryer models on the showroom floor and learn from expert consultants about which model best fits your needs and lifestyle. While many think of Clarke Showrooms as the mecca for cooking appliances, you’ll be surprised and delighted to know that your visit to Clarke can be like going to Laundry University. Want to see how you can wash and dry cashmere in your ASKO washer and dryer and save on dry cleaning bills? Maybe allergies are an issue for your family? ASKO has an answer for that too. No problem…you can test drive these appliances at Clarke before you visit a retail dealer or just chat with the experts about your laundry goals.

ASKO Washers include the 27” deep Logic models, which come in white or titanium. Caption: Sleek design and 22 programs that allow you to customize your laundry for superior cleaning and material handling make ASKO’s LOGIC line of washers and dryers a favorite for many.

ASKO began in 1950, when Karl-Erik Andersson produced his first washing machine in Vara, Sweden and the timeless Scandinavian design aesthetic, careful engineering and dedication to the environment has continued through today. The company’s ingenuity and dedication to quality has earned it a place in millions of homes in the U.S. and around the world, along with several international awards. However, the only thing that really matters is the way in which these laundry appliances can enhance your life. So let’s take a look….

Three Levels of Excellence

You’ll find three levels of ASKO Washers: Classic, Logic and Style. If you have owned ASKO  before, you’re probably used to the compact 24” deep units that can be stacked or installed side-by-side. ASKO listened when homeowners (especially in the U.S.) asked for larger units and the recent roll-out of Logic and Style address that need with 27” deep washers and dryers, allowing for larger loads and the ability to more easily wash and dry comforters, bath rugs and more.

ASKO Washers offer modes and fabric programs that allow you to launder the most delicate fabrics you can imagine.

Each level has its own unique combination of features, yet Classic, Logic and Style do offer common signature ASKO advantages.

Steel Seal™ – This is a unique, hygienic and maintenance-free seal on the front of the washer, which eliminates the rubber door seal traditionally found here, creating the biggest bacteria trap inside a typical washing machine. With the Steel Seal, there’s simply no place for dirt to gather in the machine, making your clothes cleaner and your family healthier. Not to mention, it also obviates the possibility for more delicate fabrics to get caught when being taken in or out of the machine.

Quattro Construction™ – The inner and outer drum rest on four shock absorbers attached to the bottom plate, giving a lower noise level and creates a more durable machine.

ASKO Washers offer simple-to-use touch controls to keep track of modes and programs in use.

Laundry a la Mode! – All three levels offer unique washing modes. These modes allow you to select settings that range from washing with total energy efficiency to more intensive cleaning. Classic models offer four modes, Logic offers five and Style includes six modes. Normal Mode, Green Mode and Intensive Mode are included on all models, while specialty modes such as Allergy Mode  and Night Mode (which operates the washer more quietly) are available on select models.

Fabric Care – ASKO takes into consideration the many types of fabrics and clothing that we wash and offers “programs” at the touch of a button that allow you to tailor your wash cycles to the fabrics you are laundering. Each level of excellence (Classic, Logic or Style) delivers a different number of programs, allowing you to customize your laundry options.

All three ASKO Washing Machines look very similar, yet the features within are designed to give homeowners the ability to select the model that fits their needs and lifestyle.

ASKO Classic

The Classic ASKO Washer measures just 24” deep, is offered in white and offers 15 fabric programs and four operational modes. There are three compatible dryers: Classic Vented Dryer, Classic Condenser Dryer or Classic Heat Pump Dryer. There are a host of “Hidden Helper” accessories that can be integrated into the unit for laundry convenience, such as a slide-out shelf, ironing board and more.


ASKO Logic

The ASKO Logic is unique in offering both white and titanium, which is a sleek metallic grey exterior, that may be preferred in some home designs. Logic includes five operational modes and 22 fabric programs. Logic offers a nice variety of “Hidden Helper” accessories and one compatible dryer: Logic Vented Dryer (to match the washer color you select).

ASKO Style is the top level of excellence in ASKO Washing Machines, offering the ultimate in laundering customization with six operational modes and almost infinite programs.

ASKO Style

The ASKO Style is the crème de la crème of washing machines. It offers trademark features such as “Active Drum,” where the hourglass-shaped, removable lifters and the slanted drum move the laundry to the drum center to reduce fabric wear. Dirt is removed via bigger holes at the edge of the drum. It also offers more operational modes, addressing not only energy efficiency, but extra rinses to remove allergens and “Night Mode,” which washes more quietly to eliminate any disturbances while family members are sleeping.

Seeing is Understanding

It’s one thing to read about all of the features and options, but quite another to spend an hour with a Clarke laundry expert who can help you compare the models and understand their important nuances. You’re always welcome to bring in that cashmere sweater or hard-to-launder sports uniform to take a spin in Clarke’s ASKO models to see for yourself that ASKO really makes a superior laundry appliance.