June 26, 2018

What’s in Your Sub-Zero?


I have been educating homeowners about Sub-Zero refrigeration for over 16 years. Superior food preservation is not only key to the health and well-being of families, but also helps their pocketbooks. In fact, studies have shown that families typically waste up to $600 a year in food spoilage, which a Sub-Zero refrigerator can save with its exceptional technology. Whether you select a classic stainless steel Sub-Zero Built-In model or a designer’s favorite Integrated model, you can enjoy both a style unique to your kitchen and savings from their superior performance.

One of my favorite Sub-Zero models is the BI-36UG. This 36-inch refrigerator is designed with a glass door. When walking by this model in our showroom, I often hear clients say, “I could never have this; my fridge is never this organized.”

That may be true for some people, but for those who slow down and really take a closer look…they often entertain the idea much more seriously. For me, the glass door model is like creating personal kitchen art. Who buys a glass-front Sub-Zero? A bachelor who has all the right beverages and a few key condiments and likes a trendy, modern look. The homeowner who pays attention to every detail and likes to show that everything has its place. Home cooks who love to shop at the local farmer’s market and proudly displays all their fresh ingredients as part of their kitchen lifestyle statement. We even have homes where everyone is on the go and  they love to display everyone’s favorite foods and beverages jam-packed from top to bottom as a statement of who they are as a family. A glass-front Sub-Zero can be many things to many people and we love taking the journey with them.

When you visit a Clarke showroom, you are encouraged to explore and…play. While you will see our glass-front Sub-Zeros filled with beautiful sparkling waters and colorful treats, we invite you to “test drive” your refrigerator in addition to your cooking appliances. We have prep kitchens with many of the ingredients you have at home – gallons of milk, condiments, plastic wrapped leftovers and more – and you are welcome to fill it the way you would at home to see if this model is for you.

We invite you to imagine all your kitchen can be…with not only Wolf signature red knobs, but also stainless steel, wood and, yes, Sub-Zero glass door fronts. We invite you to make an appointment to take a Test Drive at a Clarke showroom in Boston Seaport or Milford, Massachusetts, or South Norwalk, Connecticut today.