June 28, 2023

Sub-Zero Appliances Are Worth the Price


Sub-Zero appliances are the hallmark of quality in the kitchen industry. Since founder Westye Bakke built his first free-standing freezer prototype in his Wisconsin basement in 1943, and founded the Sub-Zero Freezer Company two years later, Sub-Zero has been the brand to beat. When Westye Bakke began experimenting with refrigeration, he was searching for a reliable way to store insulin for his young son, Bud, who needed it to manage his juvenile diabetes. Little did this dedicated father know that this inspiration would turn into one of the world’s finest brands.


Sub-Zero has become shorthand for superior refrigeration and the brand is synonymous with luxury kitchens. In fact, homeowners often ask, “Does this house have Sub-Zero appliances?” and real estate agents report that a home mentioning a Sub-Zero refrigerator in its listing often sells faster and for more money than homes with other appliances. Sub-Zero appliances are good for resale.

What makes Sub-Zero appliances so singular?

Sub-Zero appliances all share one feature: quality. For nearly 80 years, every Sub-Zero appliance has  been manufactured and tested in the United States in Sub-Zero’s facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona. All major components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design and every single Sub-Zero appliance is tested before it is shipped. At Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showrooms and Test Kitchens, the staff frequently encounters homeowners who have owned the same Sub-Zero for as long as 26 years.

Sub-Zero appliances offer dozens of features that make them worth the price.

Two compressors will save you thousands of dollars.

Sub-Zero pioneered the dual refrigeration system with separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer. Most refrigerators have just one compressor to push air from the freezer into the refrigerator. This air recycling from one compartment to the other causes unwanted odor transfers, the drying and decaying of fresh food and freezer burn on frozen foods. From the beginning, Sub-Zero refrigerators were engineered with two compressors so both the refrigerator and freezer compartments would maintain optimal temperature and humidity to better preserve your food. In addition, Sub-Zero includes dual evaporators and fans for each compartment as well. This design literally adds weeks of shelf life to your food, reducing spoilage and trips to the grocery store. This equates to serious savings. A study by the Natural Resource Defense Council found that the average American family of four ends up tossing the equivalent of $2,275 of food in the trash annually. That includes 40% of fresh fish, 23% of eggs and 20% of milk, not to mention fresh fruits and vegetables. Sub-Zero’s superior food preservation is key to saving both money and energy.

Sub-Zero refrigerators utilize NASA-inspired air purification technology to reduce odors, viruses and bacteria, saving over $10,000 in spoiled foods over the life of your appliance. 

Sub-Zero appliances incorporate NASA-inspired air purification and superior water purification.

Certain foods shouldn’t be placed together in typical refrigerators. Some fresh foods, like apples, naturally emit ethylene gas. If carrots are stored near them, they’ll taste bitter and leafy vegetables will decay faster. With this in mind, Sub-Zero appliances are engineered with an advanced Air Purification System utilizing technology pioneered by NASA for the space shuttles. This system scrubs the entire volume of air in a Sub-Zero refrigerator approximately every 20 minutes. This significantly reduces odors, viruses and bacteria – as well as the ethylene gases present in some foods that cause premature ripening and food spoilage. This air purification also helps in your Sub-Zero freezer. No more freezer burned, ice-encrusted food that is wasted. It’s been calculated that homeowners save $500 or more each year with the superior food preservation benefits built into Sub-Zero freezers and refrigerators. That adds up to $10,000 in savings over the expected lifetime of these appliances.

Sub-Zero appliances include refrigerators, freezers and wine storage in various sizes and finishes to offer custom refrigeration anywhere in your home.

Sub-Zero appliances also answer the concern many homeowners have concerning water quality. Sub-Zero created one of the most advanced water filtration systems in the industry. While many refrigerators have carbon water filters, Sub-Zero’s design takes water filtration a step further. This microbiological water filter removes suspended particles, chemical pollutants, viruses and bacteria. Water and ice from a Sub-Zero refrigerator are safer and taste better.

The sealed in freshness in Sub-Zero appliances makes a big difference.

Even the doors on a Sub-Zero appliance are made with food preservation in mind. The seals are so secure that some owners report no thawing of frozen foods after a multi-day power outage. With that kind of seal, you can count on Sub-Zero to build not only refrigerators, but also freezers that are unparalleled in performance. Sub-Zero appliances have precise controls that maintain the temperature within one degree of its setting.

A Wi-Fi capable mobile app helps Sub-Zero customers monitor freezers and refrigerators from their mobile device.

The Sub-Zero Wi-Fi Mobile App

Sub-Zero appliances also offer a Wi-Fi capable owners app that helps you enjoy peace of mind wherever you are. Have you ever left on vacation and have a nagging feeling that a family member left the freezer or refrigerator door open? No worries if you own a Sub-Zero Freezer. You can check your Sub-Zero app and it will tell you whether the door is ajar, allowing you to send a neighbor into the kitchen to secure it while you are away. Preventing damage to your floors and loss of food is part of the value of owning a Sub-Zero Freezer. What’s more, if you’re shopping for a party, and realize you didn’t engage the “Max Ice” feature before you left home to ensure you will have plenty of fresh ice for your event, you can do it from your phone, saving valuable time. The app is available with all Sub-Zero, Wolf or Cove appliances and offers a long list of helpful benefits. You’ll streamline your daily tasks with the help of remote controls, voice commands, automatic filter and detergent replacements, and routine maintenance notifications. Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove are continuously expanding their growing list of home automation partner integrations as well.

At Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom, you can explore Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers and wine storage and hundreds of other world-class appliances.

Test Drive Sub-Zero Appliances at a Clarke Showroom

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