Why an ASKO Dishwasher?

Why an ASKO Dishwasher?

Guest Blogger Quintin Gerard of Asko answers this important question; Why an Asko dishwasher?

I will be happy to answer that, but the real questions are: Why are you still pre-washing your dishes? Why are you washing the tough items by hand? Why are you hand drying items from the dishwasher before you store them away in the cabinet?

These are the real questions, and ASKO has answers & solutions for you if you are one of the millions still doing much of the dish cleaning & drying chore by hand, even though you have a dishwasher.

ASKO dishwashers save time and energy while providing a superior cleaning.

ASKO Appliances has taken steps to make life easier by providing solutions for everyday problems that consumers face, and many times don’t realize there is a solution.

What makes ASKO different? Why don’t you have to pre-wash, or do the tough items by hand?

It starts by going beyond standard dishwasher features for cleaning…

  • A stationary PowerZone™ that doesn’t move and rotate like a wash arm, that cleans from the first second to the last second during a cycle
  • A patented, exclusive SCS™ system that ensures the dishwasher is using the cleanest water available by periodically turning of the drain pump during a cycle sequence to remove soil that has been knocked off of the dishes
  • When ASKO is done cleaning it then turns on an interior fan to pull steam & moisture out of the dishwasher and a high rate of speed, to turn sparkling clean dishes into squeaky dry ones

Most dishwasher brands battle with drying performance that has been drastically reduced over the years to meet lower energy standards. The addition of ASKO’s TurboFan™ produced drying performance that was opposite what other brands were experiencing.

What else can an ASKO dishwasher do for you?

It can clean a load of dishes much faster than others. Every ASKO dishwasher has three fast wash programs. Starting with a 20 min wash only quick wash, a 60 min wash & dry quick wash, and a 1 ½ hour daily wash. It’s hard to believe that 60 min & 90 min cycles are called fast, but in today’s dishwasher environment with Auto wash programs, and low energy use, most normal cycles have become a 2 hour long process!  Making life easier isn’t the only thing ASKO does for you, it also protects you with a warranty 3x stronger than the other brands, with its 2+1 warranty. When you register for your products warranty,  you will get three full years of warranty coverage that includes both parts & labor.

The best way to appreciate the beauty and performance of ASKO is to see the models in person…and use them! At Clarke’s showrooms in Massachusetts and Connecticut, you can do just that! Call for an appointment today.