Asko Dishwasher Tops Lists and is Compared to Miles Davis!

Asko Dishwasher Tops Lists and is Compared to Miles Davis!

The Asko D5434XXLS dishwasher, which can be seen at the Clarke showrooms in Milford, MA and South Norwalk, CT, is being heralded across the country. It has the largest loading capacity on the market.

In a recent review, they said, “Everything about this machine is cool,” and “If it were a musician, it’d be Miles Davis.” Now that’s cool.

But that’s not all. This Asko dishwasher was also the only dishwasher to be featured in the 2012 Top 100 Products of the Year by This Old House. Really. As one of the “coolest new products to make your home smarter and more stylish,” this Asko model is praised for its versatility and capacity. Three main racks, a small rack for utensils and knives, and three baskets can be rearranged to accommodate pots, platters, baking sheets, stemware and a whopping 17 place settings. And everyone is impressed by the fact that it actually dries Tupperware (you know how water typically drips off Tupperware and other storage containers after a full wash and dry in other dishwashers?). See This Old House’s review here.

Unlike extraordinary ranges the result of which you can taste or eye-catching wine storage that acts more like furniture than appliance, a dishwasher is often overlooked as just a necessity. Asko has defied this stereotype with this extraordinary example of design, engineering and savvy.

The only way to truly appreciate this extraordinary dishwasher and all it can do for your family (save time, clean more completely, etc.) is to visit a Clarke showroom to see a demonstration and learn more from our showroom team. Make an appointment today or just stop by during showroom hours.