Grilled Chicken Lollipops with Truffle Ranch

Summer reminds us most of barbecuing and stress-free cooking. Add something fun to your burger and hot dog menu this year with these show stopping chicken lollipops served with truffle ranch sauce! They are quick, easy, fun, and delicious!

Mint Julip Bourbon Chicken Skewers

Everybody knows Mint Julip as the drink of choice at the Kentucky Derby, but now you can get a similar flavor in an appetizer that everybody will love.

Marinated Cauliflower Steaks

Finding satisfying vegetarian substitutes is no easy task. This quick, simple, and delicious cauliflower steak makes for a hearty, plant-based meal.

Tex-Mex Meatloaf

Jazz up dinner this week with Tex-Mex Meatloaf! All the comfort of a meatloaf with all flavors of a Mexican fiesta! Using Gourmet mode in your Wolf M-series oven makes this recipe a breeze!

Korean Style Chicken Pineapple Kabobs

There is no better way to celebrate summer than with these Korean inspired chicken pineapple kabobs. The sweet pineapple pairs perfectly with the sweet and spicy chicken. Using your Wolf Outdoor Grill or Wolf Charbroiler these kabobs will surely impress all your guests!

Fire Roasted Bells Pepper Chipotle Hummus

Fresh, homemade hummus is easy, quick, and delicious. Customizing a simple hummus recipe with flavorful ingredients gives your hummus an interesting twist. The smokiness coming from the charred pepper and chipotle pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the hummus.

Char Broiled Tomatoes

Lost on what to do with the last of the season tomatoes? How about char broiling them with your Wolf oven! These charbroiled plum tomatoes are a great way to end the tomato season. You can put them on a sandwich, eat with a cheese and charcuterie board, or blend them with your wolf blender for a simple delicious pizza or pasta sauce base.